Can you have a long and meaningful relationship with someone you’ve met in the dance club?

Relationships that are meaningful are those that foster positive regard and make the other person feel valued. They can be romantic or platonic, in-person or virtual.

You may have met someone in the dance who you love, but if they don’t feel the same way, this relationship might not be meant to be.

1. Make the First Move

One of the biggest fears people have when it comes to making the first move is that they will be rejected. This is a very real possibility, but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. If you are really interested in this person and you can tell that they feel the same way, it’s worth taking a risk.

The best thing you can do is pay attention to body language and other signals that they are giving you. If they seem like they are flirting back, it’s a good sign that they are at least interested in you.

Another great way to show that you are interested is by complimenting her. Girls love hearing that they are beautiful. But, you can also compliment other aspects of her personality like her dedication to her work or how loyal she is to her friends.

2. Be Honest

You and your partner are different people with unique values, beliefs and habits. Sometimes these differences will create tension and even conflict, but communication can go a long way toward working out issues. If you set a boundary with your dance partner, for example, and they keep pushing past it, it might be time to find someone else.

Open and honest communication is an important part of every relationship, and it’s vital in a dance partnership too. When your partner isn’t forthcoming with you about anything, it can put a strain on the whole relationship and lead to misunderstandings. If he avoids eye contact with you or doesn’t look at you for too long, it could be a sign that he has something to hide. If he’s reluctant to share information about his life, hobbies or interests with you, that might also be a red flag. The best relationships are characterized by honesty.

3. Don’t Drop Them

People who dance a lot tend to spend a significant amount of time with their partner, and often develop feelings for them. When non-dancing friends or family see them dancing together, it may appear to be anything from friendly to romantic to erotic. These relationships can be confusing for people outside of the dance scene, and they may have a difficult time accepting them. For that reason, it is important to keep the relationship going and not drop them.

4. Don’t Leave Them Hanging

Dancers spend a lot of time with their dancing partners, and those relationships can be anything from friendly to romantic to even erotic. Depending on the situation, non-dancing life partners may have a difficult time with these perceptions and opinions. If you’re dating a dancer, try to find ways to normalize this aspect of your relationship by talking about it openly – for instance, reading together the article Dance Relationships: A Window Into Their Inner World together.

It’s also important to keep your relationship going by keeping it active, even if it is long distance at times. A 2017 study found that phone and video calls can help to foster feelings of intimacy, and writing letters can encourage feelings of thoughtfulness. Additionally, finding ways to mix up your activities can add excitement and security to your relationship. This can be a great way to build lasting memories together. For example, a new activity could be an exciting way to celebrate a special occasion, such as your anniversary or your partner’s birthday.

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